In this Episode Louise chats to Carly Rowena, personal trainer, fitness influencer and body positive advocate.

They speak about how fitness affects skin health positively and negatively, how to care for your skin before, during and after fitness and the challenges of family life when it comes to skincare and exercise.

Louise finds out why Carly got into fitness and how her perspective has changed since she has become a Mum.

She also lets us into a secret with a special announcement of a new project that she is launching soon!

You can follow Carly (@carlyrowena) on Instagram or visit her website  CarlyRowena.

In our “fly on the wall” section this week, Louise chats to one of her clients who she has been treating for Acne. Alice shares her progress so far with Louise and they talk about the psychological effect that having a skin issue has.

Louise shares some great tips and advice for Acne sufferers and shares some of her own Acne story.

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