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S2 E5 – Why your poo & your skin health are closely linked…yes, I did just type poo.

In episode 5 of series 2 Louise is joined by Functional Nutritional Therapist, Author and Speaker specialising in family health […]

S2 E4 – How one woman is helping beauty brands be everything they dreamed it could be.

Listen in to hear Louise chat to Jennifer about how she became obsessed with market research & Beauty business analysis. […]

About The Skin Pod

Welcome to The Skin Pod the podcast you need in your life if you are as obsessed as we are about all things skin health! In this series Louise Thomas-Minns, Celebrity skin therapist, entrepreneur and all-round skin geek, welcomes special guests who share a passion for skin care. Together they will discuss the rituals, trends, wellness and holistic approaches that result in great skin health.

Along the way you’ll hear top skin care tips, monumental mistakes and some fly on the wall chat with clients from ‘the treatment room’. So, whether you use a seven-step skincare routine, have a guilty conscience about cleansing wipes or don’t know your serums from your essences The Skin Pod is here for you.

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